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In Defense of Horns, Wings, and Braids

I flipped open the North Kitsap Herald this weekend and my eyes fell upon a letter to the editor complaining about the Poulsbo Viking statue’s horns, as well as all of the Viking helmet paraphernalia that gets sold to “unsuspecting tourists who don’t know any better,” including hats with braids. My daughter, then a student in NKSD, had a similar complaint one day as we passed the statue. I offered to go home and don my knit Valkyrie helmet with *gasp!* detachable braids. Most tourists (and locals) do realize that real Vikings did not likely wear horned helmets into...

Happy New Year 1

Happy New Year 2017

New years seems like a good time to start new goals, or recommit ourselves to old goals that have been set aside, so what better time to start a new blog than today? I enjoy writing “in my spare time.” The trouble with doing things in our spare time is that there never is any — that is, my to-do list constantly has things on it that are higher priority than what I actually wantto do, which tends to be writing, photography, making GoPro videos, hiking, kayaking, cycling (and, yes, sometimes computer gaming and watching TV). Some of these...