Happy New Year 2017

New years seems like a good time to start new goals, or recommit ourselves to old goals that have been set aside, so what better time to start a new blog than today? I enjoy writing “in my spare time.” The trouble with doing things in our spare time is that there never is any — that is, my to-do list constantly has things on it that are higher priority than what I actually wantto do, which tends to be writing, photography, making GoPro videos, hiking, kayaking, cycling (and, yes, sometimes computer gaming and watching TV). Some of these necessary to-dos areactually necessary. But often the way to find time to do the things that we want to do are to…just do them, and work some of that other stuff around our activities of choice.

So, my hope, is that I can commit myself to write again by committing to writing about some things that I love — the Puget Sound area I live in, the activities and places I enjoy, and events in the area.

So far, this is a work in progress, but I hope to add some actual content here soon.

Happy 2017!

By the way, here’s some good advice on gaining control of your free time from a TED talk by Laura Vanderkam:

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Under construction:
    My intentions here are to write about places, events, activities that I love in the local area. But right now, I’m still focusing on blog design and have gotten off to some false starts w/damaged video equipment that has prevented me from finishing the video pieces I wanted to do (some of this involving a crashed drone) but…I will be patient.

    My plan here is to write not too frequently…perhaps two posts per month initially, more after I get going.

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